Patient testimonials

Still unsure if chiropractic treatment is right for you? See what other patients have said about their experiences at our practice.


A stronger back thanks to Chiropractic


''Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and my family!


My dad has a new lease of life after you sorted out his arm and shoulder problem, my son carried on to run a very fast marathon after you fixed his knee and my husband relies on his bimonthly maintenance visits which keep his golf swing in order!


Most of all though thank you for making my back better than it has been for years! At the grand old age of 52 my back allows me to do so much more than it used to when I was 30 and I am certain that without my monthly trips to see you I wouldn’t be able to career around the park so well with my two grandchildren.


I really appreciate being able to just trust that you will sort me out, and even when at a really low ebb with labrynthitis I knew that you would set me on the road to recovery. I am certain that your holistic approach, and the fact that you are always up to date with latest methods means that my entire health is benefiting not just my back.

The fact that the treatment is painless is a real plus!



Small adjustments for pain relief

"For a number of years, I had been bothered by back and arthritic hip pain. Then the pain became acute. Doctors offered only surgery or heavy pain killers. I was referred by an acquaintance to Graeme Cooper Chiropractic. After a series of adjustments, I experienced immediate relief and have continued to improve."